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A Beginning

Soma Intimates becomes the first brand with a dedicated first bra buying experience for the next generation of women.

AD: Patrick Martin
CW: Joe Fulmore, Lanyor Cortez

This new experience will allow shoppers to make appointment, as well as sharing why the experience of buying a bra for the first time is so important for young women.


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Web Banner

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In-store experience

Once arriving for their scheduled appointment, visitors are greeted by their own bra expert to guide them through their experience.

Visitors are given access to their own private fitting area where their bra expert brings various sizes to them personally.

Membership Card.jpg

Once guests finish up, they are gifted The "A Beginning" Membership card, good for exclusive deals and specials.

In-store Posters

In Store Posters.jpg

Tik Tok

To further embrace the idea that every women has a unique first bra experience, users are encouraged to use #ABeginning to share their stories.

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