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 The Parley in the Parlour

Brewery Bhavana, a brewery, bookstore, dim sum resturaunt, aims to combine beer, food, and literature to cultivate conversations and new perspectives. This branded event starts with AAPI Heritage Month, followed by Pride Month.

My Role: CW


Event advertising: OOH

Brewery Bhavana is located in Raleigh, NC. All ads for the event will be placed around town and on surrrounding college campuses.

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Live Tweets

The discussion held at the event will be live tweeted so those who cannot attend can interact with the discourse.

The Parley Papers

For those who are unable to make The Parley in the Parlour, they will be able to pick up The Parley Papers, a summary paper of the month’s discussion. It will include some dialogue highlights as well as questions that were asked during the meeting so readers can engage with the book(s) in a similar matter.

AAPI Heritage Month

Pride Month

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